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Like all weddings are individual and special, so are our cakes.  From our initial meeting to decide on flavours and design to final delivery, we do our best to make sure your cake experience is as special as your day!

Consultations are a great way of tasting a selection of the flavours we offer whilst allowing us time to sketch out your cake and provide you with a quote based on your final design.  You may already know exactly what cake you’d like, or you may like 2 or 3 different styles and need help bringing all your ideas together.  It is a good idea to bring along any stationery, colour swatches, theme ideas etc so we can incorporate as much of your big day as possible into your cake.  We will always do our best to work within your budget and can offer ideas and suggestions to help you achieve the cake you really want.

These consultations usually last no more than 1½ hours, are free of charge and are for a maximum of 2 people. 

We only take on maximum of 2 wedding cakes per week and during May to September we do get very busy and are often booked up to 2 years in advance, so it is never too early to book.  You can secure your date with a non-refundable deposit of £50 with the remainder of your deposit required once final details and pricing are agreed. 

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