Cake Menu

Below is a list of our favourite and best selling flavours. If there is something you would like and it's not listed here, just let us know!


Victoria Sponge **

The classic vanilla sponge sandwiched together with vanilla buttercream and a choice of homemade strawberry or raspberry jam

Red Velvet

Our favourite! A super light red chocolate sponge filled with vanilla buttercream

Cinnamon & Apple **

Simple cinnamon infused sponge filled with apple butter and an apple flavoured buttercream


Elderflower & Blackberry **

Light and zingy, this sponge is baked with fresh blackberries and sandwiched together with an elderflower buttercream

Lemon & Raspberry

A moist lemon and raspberry sponge filled with a zingy homemade lemon curd and raspberry buttercream

Apple & Raspberry**

A light sponge baked with fresh raspberries, filled with apple butter and an apple flavoured buttercream


Salted Caramel

Caramel sponge filled with gooey home made salted caramel and caramel flavoured buttercream


A lovely light sponge baked with fresh bananas, filled with a sweet homemade caramel sauce and vanilla buttercream

Sticky Toffee **

Tastes just like the pudding! Toffee sponge filled with homemade toffee sauce and toffee buttercream

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Really rich but light chocolate cake filled with a choice of vanilla, chocolate, orange, mint, Baileys, Nutella or Lotus Biscoff buttercream

Carrot & Orange

Moist and nutty and made with orange zest, sandwiched together with an orange buttercream

Sticky Ginger & Rum

A dark spiced ginger infused sponge finished with a subtle rum buttercream

Rich Fruit Cake

Dark and boozy fruit cake bursting with sultanas, raisins, currants and glace cherries

Raspberry & White Chocolate

Raspberry sponge filled with a sweet white chocolate buttercream


Spiced Chai Tea

A warming sponge baked with chai tea and spices and filled with vanilla buttercream

Cherry Bakewell *

Almond sponge filled with cherry jam and an amaretto infused buttercream

Strawberry & Pistachio *

A lovely combination of crushed pistachio nuts and fresh strawberries baked into a vanilla sponge and filled with vanilla buttercream

* contains nuts

** gluten free option available

Vegan options coming soon!

Whilst every care is taken to prevent cross contamination, please be aware that we cannot guarantee there will be no traces of nuts in our kitchen.

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