Planning Your Wedding Cake

There are a million and one things to think about when planning your wedding so why am I popping up with more?

Two reasons. Firstly, I’m giving you an excuse (if you needed one) to think about cake.  Secondly, it means that you’ll get the best out of your meet up with your wedding cake maker. You can talk about the essentials and get excited about the possibilities, all in the same consultation.

So, what do you need to share? Here are a few things to get you thinking…

How much do you want to spend?

I’m kicking off with this one as it’s the thing people are the most reluctant to talk about. Every wedding cake maker wants to create the cake of your dreams, but we don’t want to bankrupt you in the process. If you’re upfront about your budget we can (hopefully) work with it. Otherwise, we might get all excited about an amazing design, only for the bubble to burst when it’s way beyond your budget.

Please, don’t be shy. Let’s be upfront about money then we can crack on with the fun bits!

Your wedding day

We cake makers love to hear all about your exciting wedding plans. You can tell us whatever you want, but there are a couple of things we really need to know about. The first one is your venue. We have delivered cakey loveliness to lots of gorgeous places and they all have their own style. Hearing about your venue helps us to start picturing your day and the kind of look you’re going for.

Next, something more practical. How many people does your cake need to feed? You might think you have to have three tiers, but that’s a lot of cake. Two tiers could be enough to let everyone have a delicious slice. It’ll still look amazing and saves you money too.

Ask lots of questions

Remember your cake maker is the expert so ask lots of questions, such as:-

How much cake will I need for the number of guests at my wedding?

Do you offer a design and consultation service?

What about a cake tasting?

Ask about deposits, final payment and refunds

Does the price quoted include delivery to your venue or is that extra?

Discuss personalised cake toppers and cake stands

Can they accommodate special diets, i.e. gluten free

What flavours do they offer?

What’s your dream?

Have you already got a wedding Pinterest board? Spotted some gorgeous images on social media? Bring everything to your consultation. Don’t limit yourself when you create that Pinterest board, even if you’ve already decided on a theme for your wedding. Throw in everything that you like the look of. Unexpected patterns start to emerge and it all helps me to suggest things you’ll love.

One request from me – please come to your consultation with an open mind. You might have a pretty good idea of the kind of cake you want, but I have lots of surprises up my sleeve. The perfect wedding cake for you might be something you didn’t know was possible.

All in the best possible taste

Once upon a time, every wedding cake was fruit cake. Yours still could be if it’s your favourite. If it isn’t, there are loads of other flavours you can include. You can even have different flavours for different tiers. You can go for classics like Victoria sponge, lemon or chocolate fudge cake, or something more surprising. Did you know I can create Cherry Bakewell sponge? Or how about spiced Chai tea? It’s your wedding so have the flavours you love.

Are you ready to start your cake journey? Contact us and we will be in touch quicker than you can bake a Victoria sponge!